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United States is regarded as the ultimate tourist destination of the world. People living in every part of the globe desire to visit this wonderland once in lifetime. Most tourists are simply fascinated by the unbelievable technological advancements made by the United States. The liberal culture and care free attitude of the people is also reason enough to attract many, particularly the youth. Be it receiving the best education or getting the best health care facilities, United States is again the most preferred destination. Furthermore, to have a glimpse of all the tourist attractions of the country may not be possible in a lifetime. Simply put, the United States has something to offer to all, no matter which part of the globe they come from or what their interests or likings are. From her east to west, north to south, United States is captivating to the hilt.

Fact File
Official Name : United States Of America
Official Language : English
Total states in the country : 50
Form of Government : Presidential
Nationality : American
Capital : Washington D.C
Continent : North America
Location : 38 00 N, 97 00 W
Currency : US Dollar
Population : 295, 734, 134
Area : 9,631,418 sq. km.
Religion : Majority are Christians.[Protestants 52%, Roman Catholics 24%]
Languages spoken : Mainly English and Spanish
Ethnic Groups : Whites ( 81.7%), Blacks (12.9%), Asians (4.2%)

U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C.Getting There
It is said that in case of some countries, getting to their remotest parts is more difficult than getting to the United States! Flights are available from all parts of the world to the United States. Within the United States also, the air network is very well spread out.

Getting Around
Railways is the most popular means of transport of the masses. A vast country, travelling within United States becomes more convenient and faster through railways. It may also be mentioned that for long distance travel, private means of communication is more preferred in United States than public transport.

Major Attractions in United States

New York :The east coast of the country has many attractive cities with New York topping the list. The city has the world's most famous skyline. The place where the World Trade Centers once stood is visited by tourists in large numbers. The headquarters of United Nations is in New York. The Statue of Liberty is located in Liberty Island in New York harbour.

Washington DC : Washington D.C., the political capital of United States is a city with a serene ambience. The White House-official residence of US President, The House of Representatives and Senate are the shining stars of US landscape.
Atlanta : Atlanta, where the 1996 Olympic games were held is also a city worth visiting. Miami is another destination loved by tourists from all over the world. Miami is known for its Latin culture, gorgeous nightlife and fun-filled beaches.

Los Angeles : Los Angeles, where Hollywood is located, is also referred to as a micro universe in a lighter vein. Disneyland is also in Los Angeles.

Golden Gate BridgeSan Francisco : To the north of United States is San Francisco, one of America's prettiest cities particularly famous for Golden Gate bridge and the prison island of Alcatraz. The sparkling beaches of San Francisco are a big hit among tourists.

Chicago : Chicago, the city that invented the skyscraper, is also called the 'Windy City'. The earliest skyscraper forms still dot the landscape of Chicago. The city is also known for good food and a vibrant nightlife.

Houston : Houston, the fourth largest city of United States is known for its shopping places, restaurants, festivals and local get-aways. Houston also boasts of a diverse population.

Las Vegas : Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and night life activities. Regarded as the most liberal place in the country, Las Vegas is the perfect destination for those who love partying hard and all night long. It is interesting to note that in Nevada desert area, one can see exact replica of the most famous monuments of Paris, Rome and Egypt.

Kentucky : Kentucky has the Mammoth Cave, the largest recorded cave systems in the world. Tourists also come in large numbers to have a glimpse of other natural artifacts. The rolling hills of Eastern Kentucky have some of the finest horse parks of United States. The Kentucky Derby Festival also attracts tourists in large numbers.

The Beaches of Florida : The beaches of Tampa and Orlando in the state of Florida are among the most popular beaches of United States.

Detroit : Detroit is the city to explore the best cars in the world.

Infact, every city of United States stores a different kind of attraction for tourists. The list is virtually exhaustive and cannot be confined to a few pages. Actually, United States is a dreamland that can only be seen to be believed.

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