Switzerland, renowed for its high quality of life, is a small, mountainous and rich nation with a population of just seven million people.The country Produces products of world stature form exotic cheese to delicious choclates to lovely watches to swiss knives which are exported the world over.

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Switzerland Special train tour

Switzerland is the magnificent travel destination, decked with some fabulous attractions in the world. Switzerland can better be explored with its highly luxurious trains there is no other significant means transportation in Switzerland, except different trains to bring you close to the charm of Switzerland, both affordable and easy. Make a cool and tranquil Train tour in Switzerland in its lavish trains.  

Scenic Trains of Switzerland:

Glacier Express

Route: Zermatt - Brig - Andermatt - Chur - Davos / St. Moritz and vice versa.

Glacier Express: offers you a panoramic trip through the Alpine heartland of Switzerland. It’s a significant and a memorable way of traveling from the eastern to the western Swiss Alps.

Journey time: 7 1/2 hours, runs all year. Summer: 4 trains daily; Winter 1 train daily

Bernina Express

Route: Chur - St. Moritz - Bernina Pass - Tirano by train - then continue by bus to Lugano and vice versa.

Bernina Express provides you a north-south Alpine crossing from Chur to Lugano is known for breathtaking views as you travel from ice-age glaciers to palm trees

Journey time: 7 hours. Train runs all year, bus runs May to mid October. Frequency: 1 train daily

William Tell

Route: Lucerne - Fluelen by boat, then continue by train to Lugano/Locarno (change in Bellinzona for Lugano).

Moves from German-speaking central Switzerland with Italian-speaking Mediterranean-like portion of Switzerland. The William Tell Express offers a fascinating journey to its visitors. Lunch is included on the boat.

Journey time: 5 1/2 hours. Train runs May to October. Frequency: 2 trains daily. Runs in both directions

Chocolate Train
Chocolate Train is the fabulous travel attraction of Switzerland to enjoy stunning views of the vineyards surrounding Montreux and medieval Gruyères and Broc,

Journey time: 8 hours. Runs June to October. Frequency: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Golden Pass Line Route: Lucerne - Interlaken - Zweisimmen - Montreux and vice versa. Golden Pass Line is the exciting tour attraction of Switzerland to offer journey to places as the Zweisimmen to Montreux

Journey time: 6 hours or 1 1/2 hours from Zweisimmen to Montreux or vice versa. Train runs all throughout the year. Frequency: several trains daily

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