Switzerland, renowed for its high quality of life, is a small, mountainous and rich nation with a population of just seven million people.The country Produces products of world stature form exotic cheese to delicious choclates to lovely watches to swiss knives which are exported the world over.

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Lugano is one city in Switzerland that is deeply influenced by Italian culture. It comprises of the Italian speaking population and has the charm to make you experience the romance and gaiety of Italy in Switzerland. Set up on the beautiful Lugano Lake between Mount San Salvatore and Mount Bre, Lugano is a place worth visiting during Switzerland Tours. Get to know more about Lugano during Lugano Tours with TSI Tours.

Watch out the majestic Mount Bre while traveling by train and visit the Villa Favorita that contains the second most valuable private art collection in the world. As a jazz Mecca, Lugano is now a rival to Montreux. The yearly spring festival is said to lure big names from around the world in Lugano. Do visit Bellinzona during Lugano Tours in Switzerland.
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Restaurants in Lugano
When it comes to dining in Lugano, you will be puzzled to see a variety of interesting places to eat. From traditional eateries to modern restaurants and happening bars, you get an array of dining locales in Lugano.

Those worried about their budget can go to the Inova Department store that offers a pocket friendly self-service dinner. You will also find many mid-range restaurants in Lugano to have a meal in during breakfast, lunch and dinnertime.

Al Portone (gourmet fare), Montecristo (café-bar), Bottegone del Vino (wine bar), Olimpia (Italian food), Ethnic (Mediterranean cuisine), Tinera, Salsita (Mexican food), Sayonara and Cafferia Cattedrale are some popular restaurants on Lugano.

Feast on traditional Swiss and Italian cuisine at the restaurants in Lugano that offer lip-smacking fresh dairy products, pasta, polenta and lasagna. Also try out the local wine with your meal in Lugano. Feel free to savor upon a range of international cuisines at the restaurants in Lugano.

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