Switzerland, renowed for its high quality of life, is a small, mountainous and rich nation with a population of just seven million people.The country Produces products of world stature form exotic cheese to delicious choclates to lovely watches to swiss knives which are exported the world over.

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Lake, City and Mountains, you will get to see all in Lucerne. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the avant garde in Lucerne is worth admiring. It is a home to many historical sights. From museums to theatres and festivals, you will get to see all in Lucerne. Come visit this legendary city in Switzerland this season.

Be a part of the Lucerne Festival that celebrates music with various orchestra playing the best of tunes. Another thing that makes Lucerne famous is the series of numerous musical and cultural events that are held here. Get to know more about Lucerne during Lucerne Tours with TSI Tours.
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Tourist Attractions in Lucerne
Chapel Bridge
Named after the nearby St. Peter’s Chapel, Chapel Bridge was constructed in the first half of the 14th century as a part of the city’s fortifications.

Water Tower
Having a height of 34 meters, Water Tower was built around 1300 as a part of the city wall. It was used as a prison, torture, archive and treasury.

Jesuit Church
Father Christoph Vogler constructed it in 1666 for the Jesuits. It is the first large scale Baroque church in Switzerland.

Water Spike
Do watch out this unique sight where the so-called spikes are lowered in to or withdrawn from the water manually to regulate the water level of Lake Lucerne.

Franciscan Church
It was built in the second half of the 13th century and displays a typical medieval Gothic mendicant architecture.

Spreuer Bridge
Spreuer Bridge was constructed in 1408 as a part of the city fortification.

Old City Squares
You will see historical buildings clad in frescos bordering the Old Town on the right side of the bank of River Reuss at the Old City Squares in Lucerne.

Musegg Wall
It was built in 1386 as a part of the rampart walls. Its three towers namely Schirmer, Zyt and Männle are open for public.

Town Hall
Anton Isenmann built it between 1602 and 1606 in the Italian Renaissance style. He covered it with an overhanging roof.

Hof Church
It is the main cathedral for the city as well as for St. Leodegar and St. Maurice religious center. It was here a Benedictine monastery was founded in the 8th century.

Lion Monument
Lion Monument is considered as the famous landmark of Lucerne. This dying lion of Lucerne is counted as one of the world’s most famous monuments.

Convention Center
Built ay Europaplatz, Lucerne Culture and Convention Center is one of the most sought after works of the Parisian architect called Jean Nouvel.

Ritterscher Palace
It was built in 1557 in the Italian Renaissance style as a private residence for Lucerne’s mayor Lux Ritter and got its name as Ritterscher Palace.

Restaurants in Lucerne
Feasting in Lucerne is not a problem with the presence of a variety of restaurants. Luzerner Kügelipastete is the regional specialty at Lucerne and it consists of an outer crust of pastry that contains a mixture of mushrooms and chopped veal with gravy. Do try this dish in restaurants of Lucerne.

Also try fish dishes at the restaurants in Lucerne. You will find an array of bard, cafés, restaurants and eateries in Lucerne, especially around the Old Town square and on the lake waterfront. Browse through local food, fresh fruit and vegetable stalls in the Old Town market of Lucerne. Opus (wine bar & café), Panorama (rooftop bar), Jazz Kantine (café & bar), Heini’s Tearoom (patisserie) and Café Hug are some popular restaurants in Lucerne.

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