Switzerland, renowed for its high quality of life, is a small, mountainous and rich nation with a population of just seven million people.The country Produces products of world stature form exotic cheese to delicious choclates to lovely watches to swiss knives which are exported the world over.

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Located on the lakeside, Lausanne is a beautiful city in Switzerland. It is the Olympic Capital and is built on the three hills surrounded by the Lake of Geneva. Its medieval town center is full of small alleys and boutiques. Get to know more about Lausanne during Lausanne Tours with TSI Tous.

Reasons to visit Lausanne
Lausanne is the "Olympic Capital" since 1994 and it is now the home to the Olympic Museum. It is a hub of lakes, mountain and parks and this makes it a must visit during Switzerland Tours. Lausanne is also famous for its restaurants, the fact that 16 of its restaurants are listed in world's top ranking restaurants proves this.
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Attractions of Switzerland
Lausanne has been the favorite spot for exiles and expatriates and it attracts people like deposed monarchs. It flourished in to the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century. Today also you will see many French speaking Swiss here. Lausanne is also famous for the water skiers and swimmers. It is now the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.

Tourist Attractions in Lausanne Opera de Lausanne
Lausanne is famous for opera season and these are performed at different venues like Le Theatre Municipale, Theatre de Beaulieu and Theatre du Jorat. It attracts around 40,000 people every year. Do make sure to enjoy one such opera in Lausanne during Lausanne Tours.

Cathedrale de Lausanne
This is the biggest and most beautiful gothic building in Switzerland. Climb the top of the tower to have a look at the city. It also hosts classical concerts.

Orange Cinema
Having an enormous screen, sporting type bandstand seats and a café, Orange Cinema gives you a memorable movie experience. Make sure to get the tickets for this cinema in advance

Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne
Giving more than 90 concerts per year this chamber orchestra in Lausanne is playing since 1942. It uses 42 musicians like Mozart used in his last symphonies.

Musee de Design ET d'Arts Appliques Contemporains
After a span of 33 years, the museum of decorative arts finally set up at the prestigious Gaudard house in Lausanne. You will see that the exhibition space is divided between temporary and permanent collections in this museum. Watch out for rare collections of ancient Egyptian and Chinese art by J.E. Berger in this museum.

Restaurants in Lausanne
Restaurants in Lausanne are known for giving the world award-winning chefs to the world. You will find guides and restaurants reviews telling you about the praiseworthy restaurants in Lausanne. From cozy cafes to café bars, from restaurants to eateries, you can feast in any of the popular dining outlets of Lausanne. Relish the great native Vaudois cuisine.

Try delicious cheese dishes like Tomme and Malakoff. Meat lovers can also choose from a variety of delicacies served at the restaurants in Lausanne like smoked pork, beef sausage and other sausages. Fresh fish from the lake can also be savored upon at the delightful restaurants in Lausanne.

Rochat (nouvelle cuisine), La Grappe d'Or (Gourmet French cuisine), L'Ag Café du Grutli (brasserie), Le Shanghai (Chinese), Ma Jong (South East Asian), Laxmi (Indian) and Au Conscous (Arab food) are some popular restaurants in Lausanne. Get to know more about the restaurants in Lausanne by actually visiting them during Lausanne Tours.

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