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Switzerland Travel Info, Travel Info of Switzerland, Travel Information of Switzerland

Swiss Travel System

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Swiss Travel System turns any journey into an unforgettable experience. Whether you're traveling by train, boat or post bus, a glance at the surrounding countryside is enough to capture the cultural wealth and geographical variety of this country. But Swiss Travel System is not only the most pleasant way to get to know the country: it's also the safest and most comfortable.

Swiss Travel System :
The most convenient way to see Switzerland

Take a closer look at Switzerland with the Swiss Travel System the most economical and convenient way of getting around. Timetables in Switzerland are as reliable and accurate as the proverbial clockwork and are co-ordinated to allow you to change from one form of transport to another without any delay. There are several types of Swiss Passes to suit your travel requirements and budget.

Swiss travel system tickets are as individual as the varied individual travel needs of different travelers.

With a network of more than 20000 KM of train, bus and boat routes offer a large selection o Excursions.

Swiss Pass :
Swiss Travel SystemExplore the entire country with a Swiss Pass. The passes are good for unlimited usage for 4, 8, 15, 22 days or 1 month. The passes are valid on the legendary scenic routes and also good on the public transportation systems of 37 Swiss cities. Swiss Pass holders also receive many discounts on mountain top excursions and other services. Saver formula: If two or more persons travel together, each one receives a 15% discount.

Swiss Flexi Pass
This ticket is ideal for people who do not plan on traveling every day. The Swiss Flexi Pass is valid for the amount of days you have purchased within one month (3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 days that do not need to be consecutive). On the days you choose to activate your Swiss Flexi Pass, you will enjoy the same advantages as a Swiss Pass holder. Saver formula: If two or more persons travel together, each one receives a 15% discount.

Swiss Youth Pass
Youths up to 26 years old can obtain the Swiss Youth Pass at a 25% discount on the full fare. Exactly the same advantages are offered as in our Swiss Pass. The Swiss Youth Pass cannot be bought in conjunction with the Saver Pass discount. The Swiss Youth Pass is not available as a Flexi Pass.

Swiss Transfer Tickets:
If you plan on visiting only one destination in Switzerland, the Swiss Transfer Ticket is the way to go. It is also recommended for persons who visit Switzerland for a skiing vacation. This ticket includes one free round trip to anywhere in Switzerland. The trip must start and end at the Swiss border or at any Swiss airport. It is valid for one month. Each trip needs to be completed by the end of the day and has to be as direct as possible.

Swiss Card :
Guests that plan to stay mainly in one region of Switzerland should opt for the Swiss Card. Not only does it include the transfers from the border or airport to one's destination and back, it also offers a 50% discount on all trips effected by train, boat, postal bus and most mountain trains and cable-cars between the 1st and 2nd transfer day. The Swiss Card has a maximum validity of 1 month. The first and last transfers must be completed by the end of the day. Each transfer has to be as direct as possible.

Swiss Travel System Family Card :Swiss Travel
If you have children, be sure to ask for a free Swiss Travel System Family card. It entitles children up to 16 years of age to free travel, as long as minimally one parent accompanies them. Non -Family members between the age of 6 and 16 receives 50% discount on all Swiss systems.

Anyone who is neither a permanent resident of Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein is eligible to buy any one of the above-mentioned tickets. No photos are required, however passport needs to be presented.

Swiss Pass/ Swiss Youth Pass (Prices in USD) :

2nd class 1 adult From 2 adults Swiss Youth Pass
4 days 185.00 158.00 139.00
8 days 264.00 225.00 198.00
15 days 322.00 274.00 242.00
22 days 415.00 353.00 281.00
1st class 1 adult From 2 adult Swiss Youth Pass
4 days 278.00 236.00 209.00
8 days 395.00 336.00 297.00
15 days 483.00 411.00 363.00
22 days 561.00 477.00 421.00
4 days 622.00 529.00 467.00

Swiss Flexi Pass (Prices in USD) :

2nd class 1 adult From 2 adults
3 days within 1 month 176.00 150
4 days within 1 month 212.00 180
5 days within 1 month 248.00 211
6 days within 1 month 284.00 241
1st class 1 adult From 2 adult
3 days within 1 month 264.00 224.00
4 days within 1 month 318.00 270.00
5 days within 1 month 372.00 316.00
6 days within 1 month 426.00 362.00
8 days within 1 month 495.00 421.00

Swiss Card (price in USD) :
2nd class 133.00
1st class 179.00

Swiss Transfer Ticket :
2nd class 90.00
1st class 137.00

Enjoy 50% discount on mountain top trains, cable cars and free admission to most museums in Switzerland with Swiss Pass, Swiss Flexi Pass and Swiss Youth Pass.

Free family card :
Children between 6 and 16 travel free if accompanied by at least one parent.

Unaccompanied children get a 50% discount on all Swiss travel system tickets (Excluding the Saver Pass option)

Jungfrau - Top of Europe :
UNESCO World Heritage of the Swiss Alps (JUNGFRAUBAHNEN)

Swiss Pass, Swiss Flexi Pass: Free travel to Grindelwald and Wengen.50% reduction on the connecting ticket Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe.

Swiss Card :
50% reduction on the entire Jungfraubahnen network.

From 2006 onwards ,the Swiss Pass Swiss youth pass and Swiss Flexi Pass now also called HALF FARE PASS - show any of these cards and you will be eligible for a hefty 50% discount on all mountain top rides which previously were not already included in the tickets.

Swiss Flexi Pass also offers a 50% discount on the entire Swiss Travel System network (Trains, boats, and cable cars)on the days you have not designated as your Go - as - you - please.

Swiss TravelSwitzerland offers more than just breathtaking landscapes and the densest Public Transport network in the world: it also offers some of the best cultural highlights of Europe. From 2006 onwards Swiss Pass, Swiss Youth Pass and Swiss Flexi Pass are also valid as Swiss Museum Pass. These tickets get you to more than 400 museums and exhibits for free. The choice includes some of the most popular museums, including Swiss open-air museum Ballenberg, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the spanking new Paul Klee Center in Bern, most art and natural history museums - a wide array of museums. The Swiss pass has become even more attractive and is the best companion for travelers.

Switzerland has the most extensive and attractive systems of public transport, with a combination of trains, busses, boats and mountain top trains.

Most cities are connected in a half - hour rhythm, and many alpine destinations are easily reached by train and in some cases directly from the Airports in Zurich and Geneva without changing trains.

Density of the network, comfort and up-to - date rolling stock with its air-conditioned cars, spacious first and second class sections, Family car with play areas, business eats, plenty of space for wheelchair bound passengers, both in-car and in-service areas, Bistro and dinning cars in double Decker trains, Business section and also the Gastronomic range offered in the dinning cars. All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the landscape whooshing by.

NEW :as of 2006 ,all trains, buses and boats in Switzerland are entirely non-smoking !

Family Cars :
On many Intercity, double - decker trains, the playroom of the family car offers for children a train journey full of variety. The family cars are located on the upper deck of the first or last car of a train composition. On the lower deck, there is ample space for prams or bicycles and skis.

Family cars are available on the following lines:
· Romanshorn - Zurich HB - Bern _ Interlaken East
· Chur - Zurich HB - Basel SBB
· Geneva Airport - Lausanne - Bern -Zurich HB - St.Gallen
· Basel SBB - Bern - Interlaken East (partially)

You can get your baggage transported by the Swiss Travel System so you can travel without the hassle of carrying your luggage along. If you send it normally - It will arrive 2 days after on the morning and can be fetched from 9 a.m. onwards.

NEW: use FAST BAGGAGE, available between 45 tourist destinations: here you can send the luggage in the morning before 9 a.m. And expect it at your destination after 6 p.m. (in some cases a bit later).

You need a valid ticket to make use if this service.

Check in your luggage to your end destination in Switzerland at any airport worldwide.

Once your luggage arrives at Zurich / Geneva, it will be sent directly to the end destination in Switzerland by train. You or the hotel staff can collect it from the train Station.

Luggage must not contain any thing subjectable to duty. Large items, such as bicycles and surfboards are excluded from this service.

TRAIN AND BIKE :Train Travel
One of the best ways to explore the most beautiful Landscape of Switzerland is by bikes. You can rent a bike at any of he 80 train stations that offer this service. Many trains also gives you the option of taking your bike along on the train.

All trains in the Swiss rail system have food sections in various different forms.

RAILBAR - be served at your seat :
The elvetino Railbar will bring to you hot and cold meal to your seat, also you can enjoy oven-fresh croissants, sandwiches and snacks. Most IC and ICN train as well as trains on the Rhaetian Railways (RhB), the Golden Pass line and Voralpen Express have Railbars.

RESTAURANT - relax and enjoy your meal in a well-appointed Dinning Car :
The popular elvetino dining cars run in the ICN trains between St.Gallen and Geneva, Lucerne and Interlaken East, as well as to Hamburg, Munich and Vienna. Here you can have breakfast to A - la- Carte menus and drinks of all sorts.

BISTRO - snacks and take away
Most of the double decker trains serve coffee specialties, hot and warm snacks and refreshments of all sorts in the Elvetino Bistro. You can eat and drink there or take them back to your seats and enjoy your food there.

GROUPS - gourmet style meals :
Groups of 10 or more person can have their meals served at their own seats. The food is served in boxes and contains a delicious variety to keep you busy. Boxes are available for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

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