Interlaken Mystery Park Tour, Mystery Park Tour in Interlaken, Mystery Park Tour in Interlaken SwitzerlandInterlaken Mystery Park Tour, Mystery Park Tour in Interlaken, Mystery Park Tour in Interlaken Switzerland
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Mystery Park - Interlaken

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Mystery Park is a place where visitors can gain insight into unsolved riddles through models and multimedia presentations.

Once your curiosity has been aroused, you leave your everyday life behind and submerge yourself in questions surrounding the earth's unsolved mysteries. Mystery Park offers this variety and much more in a one-of-a-kind adventure park situated between two lakes in the heart of the Bernese Oberland at Interlaken, against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

The Mysterypark in intersheets is Bernese the ideal place for excursions in bad weather or in combination with the many interesting objects of interest of the upper country. They find there not a park in the sense of roller coasters etc. separate many more a museum with special Effekt's. Each visitor keeps it accompanied to headphones in its language and informs.

The Mysterypark is arranged very interesting and for each age group suitably. For impatient infants a child stronghold is available. Worth mentioning is also the very much set up personnel. We of can recommend this place for excursions in the best way.

Mystery Park - InterlakenUndertake a journey to the large mysteries of this world! Embedded into the incomparable landscape of the virgin region the Mystery park intersheet offers a unique holidays and leisure experience. In this topic park the journey of the pyramids at the Nile, over Stonehenge in England is to the Maya or the temples of India only one walk. The seven topic pavilions stand circularly around the center building with that for 41 meters high panorama tower. All buildings are connected by a glass passage. In the all-weathersuited Mystery park becomes your daily trip an experience.

  • Multimedia presentations to different world mysteries
  • Various food supply possibilities within the park, picknick zone
  • Panorama round course in the 41 meters high ball

  • Opening times:
    daily 10,00-18,00 o'clock
    April October daily opened
    Nov. March Mo and Di closed
    25.12.05/01.01.06 closed
  • Included zusatzleistung
  • Entrance into the Mystery park
  • Free of charge shuttle bus starting from station intersheet east
  • All-weather program
  • Evening cinema "Magical upper country" taegl. at 17.15 o'clock in the Nazca pavilion
  • Designed by Erich von Däniken, it consists of seven pavilions, each of which explores a great "mystery" of the world.
  • Nazca explores the Nazca Lines near Nazca, Peru.
  • Contact explores cargo cults
  • MegaStones explores Stonehenge.
  • Maya explores the Maya calendar.
  • Orient explores Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • Vimana explores Vimana (flying machines) described in the Mahabharata and the Rig Veda
  • Challenge explores space flight and Mars exploration
The Panorama Kugel is the central pavilion, topped by a 41-meter high sphere, from which the park's grounds can be seen. The Kugel also contains exhibits of von Däniken's works.
The Mystery park in intersheet, SwitzerlandThe Mystery park is an experience park in intersheets ( Bernese upper country ) ( Switzerland ), which the leisurefair presentation unexplainable and nevertheless material understandable world mysteries present themselves. Initiator of the Mystery park is Swiss writer Erich von Daeniken .
On 24 May 2003 the Mystery park on the area of a former military airfield
The park has seven topic pavilions, in which approximately 12 minutes long multimedia productions take place. [ 1 ] Besides there is a constantly open exhibition, which with multimedia exhibits further naeherbringt to the topic to each pavilion. The symbol of the Mystery park is the ball tower in the center of the park. The criticism at contents and presentation of the Mystery park is almost identical to the criticism at person and work of its initiator, therefore see there.

In the entrance building a larger drawing of a bill is, like at present over grain circles.
Mystery ParkThe Mystery park in intersheet, Switzerland The topic buildings :
Vimana - space shuttle antiken India ? Over the similarity of old Indian cult objects with today's space and aircraft.

Orient - pyramids without structural drawing?

Maya - a people of ingenious astronomers ? Over the Maya calendar, which plans the return of an extraterrestial nature for the year 2012.

Megaclay / tone - Stonehenge , a time machine of the high priests ?

Contact - culture shock or inspiration ?Mystery Park

Nazca - pictograms for Gods?
Challenge - are we alone in the universe ?
Together with the topic buildings there are still different other attractions:

Airplane simulators (Fun shuttle) :
Submarine simulators with which one the underwater mysteries of this world explore can

Pyramid View : Virtual elevator on the point of the Cheops pyramid on which one the panorama on Cairo enjoy can

Goldwasch Eldorado : Here one knows material gold washing. With find warranty!

The largest meteorites exhibition of Switzerland Zoo with Lamas and camels

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