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Lugano city is situated on the beautiful lake Lugano between Mount San Salvatore and Mount Bre. It is the most alluring of the Ticino’s lake resorts as it has cluster of Italianate piazzas and extensive tree-lined promenades. The city is nonetheless an exciting place, full of energy and style. Lugano faces the south bay of the cerulean blue Lago di Lugano and possesses some of the most beautiful lakes. Besides this, the city is framed on all the sides by wooded, sugar-loaf hills rising from the water that are popularly called the “Rio of the Old World”.
The city has been deeply influenced by Italian culture as it is displayed in the language spoken and the food eaten, yet its accommodations are definitely Swiss.

Fact File
Country : Switzerland
Population : 53000
Area : 48 km2
Languages : German, French, Italian & Romansch
Climate : The climate in Lugano is mild clubbed with long periods of sunny and dry weather and the landscape around the Lake Maggiore and the Lake Lugano is characteristically Mediterranean. The temperature rarely goes below 0 or above 30°C. Rain is far less frequent here than in the north of the Alps or in the rest of continental Europe. The climate of the city is optimum for the tourists throughout the year.
Official Currency : Euro; 1 Euro = 52.443 Indian Rupee = 1.2047 US $ = 0.678141 GBP(subject to change).
LuganoLocation : Lugano is the most important town in Switzerland which is situated on the shores of a beautiful lake. The town represents a perfect bridge that connects the Mediterranean Europe to North Europe. Lugano has got a luxuriant vegetation because of its geographical position and its mild climate that presents long periods of sunny and dry weather.
Lugano is located in the alpine Canton of Ticino, serving as a gateway to several important alpine passes. The city is within easy reach and has because of its location for centuries been an important trading point for that border Switzerland.

Getting There
By Air : Lugano-Agno Airport, situated at 6 km from the city, is the most ideal point to enter the city. One can approach the Lugano-Agno Airport from two important international airports namely Zurich and Geneva. On reaching either of the airports one can take a train or car to Lugano.
By Road : Lugano is supported by the motorway axis that directly links northern Europe to the Mediterranean.
By Trains : The Lugano railroad station, which is on the international axis of the Gottardo (Milan-Chiasso-Zurich), offers one with a fast and easy connections to all of the major destinations.

Getting Around
By Road : Buses, taxis and rented form of transportation are the base of public transport system in Lugano.
By Trains : Local Trains provide an inexpensive and means of transport.

The city of Lugano endorses a great collection of hotels. The city provides comfortable stay for the tourists and other visitors round the year. Mentioned below is a list of some of these hotels:
5 star hotels in the city:
Hotel Meister
Best western hotel bellevue au lac
Hotel Eden Grand
4 star hotels in the city:
Lugano Hotel du lac
Hotel Ceresio
Villa Principe Leopoldo & Residence
3 star hotels in the city:
Hotel Splendide Royal
Hotel Continental park

Major tourist attractions
The traffic-free historic city centre, impressive buildings in the Lombardic style, exclusive museums, pleasant climate, majestic mountains, luring lake and a calendar full of events, all combined beckons tourists to view and experience the city. You can also indulge in a little relaxed living.
Swiss Minia Tour : This is an open-air museum where one can behold the most important Swiss buildings and means of transportation. Swissminiatur is located at a distance of 5 Km from Lugano and 1 Km from Campione d’Italia. The motorway junctions to and from Lugano are at only 200 m. and 50 m. respectively from the park.

Minigolf Caslano : This is an 18 hole Minigolf which is open for all the visitors.
There is a provision of golf courses for the tourists. Elastic trampolines and electric cars are also available for your kids.

Zoo al Maglio : More than 100 animals from all over the world like Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Panthers, Pumas servals, Collar bears, Racoons, Nasua, Gibbons, Rhesus and other monkeys, parrots such as the ara, the cacatua and other exotic species and many others too have made this place their home. Provision for Barbecues and picnics is also present here. The zoo is situated on the banks of the Magliasina river

Excursions from Lugano:
Monte Tamaro-Monte Lema : The hike from Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema follows a journey along the border between Ticino and Italy and is one of the most beautiful excursions of the Swiss Pre-Alps. The part along the crest gives spectacular views and towards north are the Lake Maggiore, Centovalli, Valle Maggia, Val Verzasca, Locarno and Bellinzona, while towards south the panorama opens over Lugano, its lake and valleys. The journey also includes some accommodation facilities like Alpe Foppa restaurant (for groups), Monte Tamaro hut, or Vetta Monte Lema restaurant. The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli is at an arm’s length from Monte Tamaro’s cable lift station.
Lugano Trekking (Brè-Tesserete) : Organized by Lugano Trekking, this interesting excursion comprises a three-day walk along a great course that begins in Brè, above Lugano, and ends in Tesserete, in the ancient parish of Capriasca.. The 44.4-km-long course tackles height differences feasible for every hiker in about 21 hours walking. Public transportation (TPL - ARL - Postcar) from and to the city and the main station of Lugano are available in both departure and arrival points.
Lugano Lake
Parks in Lugano :
The San Grato Botanical Park : Spread in an area of some 62.000 square metres, the park has the greatest collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers of the whole Insubric region, in terms of variety and quantity. In the park one can also indulge in the allure of the immediate surroundings and the peaks of the Alpine chain.
The Lakeshore promenade and the Belvedere garden : This is a place to spend some time with nature, one can take a fantastic walk along the coast of the lake which leads up to the municipality of Paradiso. The Belvedere garden is an exemplification of nature’s beauty.
The Ciani Park : It’s a quiet place where one can take a nice stroll and at the same time admire the granduer of the century old trees.
The Tassino Park : This is a beautiful place with lush green grass which presents an atmosphere for relaxation and also gives an opportunity to blend with nature itself. Besides the park contains a large playground and a deer - muflon colony.
The Park of Villa Florida : This is a 5350 sq. metre park which was created re-utilizing many period elements, that still existed. Everything here reminds one of a floral Liberty style and transports the visitor to the world of the gone times.

Other attractions:
The Ciani Park
The Tassino Park

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