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Chur ( Destination of the Month )

122km (76 miles) SE of Zurich, 59km (37 miles) W of Davos

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The capital of the Grisons, Chur is the oldest town in Switzerland. According to recent excavations, the area had been inhabited as early as 3000 B.C. The Romans established a settlement in 15 B.C., naming it Curia Rhaetorum. In 450 B.C., a recently Christianized Chur became the see of a bishop. The town still has a bishop, but he no longer has the power of his medieval predecessors, who ruled virtually every aspect of life in Chur until 1526.

Set at an elevation of 586m (1,955 ft.), Chur lies near the head of the Rhine Valley, surrounded by towering mountains. The Plessur River, a tributary of the Rhine, flows through the center of town. Chur is at the natural junction of several of the most important routes from Italy over the alpine passes and as a result incorporates both Italian and Rhaetian influences.

Favored by visitors, who appreciate the wilderness surrounding it, Chur is the largest mercantile center between Zurich and Milan. It's also an important rail center, a terminal for several of the most scenic railway lines in Switzerland: the narrow-gauge rail line to St. Moritz (the Rhätische Bahn), the Chur-Arosa line, the Glacier Express, the Palm Express, and the Bernina Express. You might also go to Splügen, said to have the prettiest mountain-pass village in the area.

Chur also offers a variety of sports facilities. Summer sports include hiking, and mountain biking. A pair of swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, lies within the Sportanlagen Obere, as well as a gymnasium and health club.

Chur - SwitzerlandIn the winter, skiers in and around Chur have access to the top 20 ski areas surrounding Chur, some of which reach 2,700m (9,000 ft.) and are only 1 1/2 hours away.

Chur's Old Town is best discovered on foot. City officials have made it easy for you by imprinting red-and-green footprints on its sidewalks to help you on your way. The route outlined by the city is the most scenic and most historic. You travel at your own pace, just following in the footsteps of others. In addition, the tourist office provides guided tours that depart from the tourist office every Wednesday at 2:30pm, but only between April and October.

Attractions :
The Cathedral of Chur,Hof 19 was built between 1151 and1282 on an ancient foundation and was renovated extensively in the 19th century.Inside ,the high alter displays a 15th- century gilded wood triptych in the Gothic style,the largest of its kind in Switzerland.Near the cathedral , the baroque Bishop's palace,which is not open to the public ,was built in 1732 and is still the private residence of a bishop.The palace opens onto Hofplatz -- site of Roman fort.

Kuntsmuseum , known as the Villa Planta ,this museum,set in a park,displays

paintings and sculptures by many wellknown Grisons artists.Some of the works are by Giovanni,Segantini,Angelica Kauffmann,Ferdinand Hodler and Cuno Amiet,as well as by Alberto and Augusto Giacometti.Also there is work by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 - 1938),the German painter and leader of Bruke school of expessionists.

Rhaetissches Museum ,Loaded with memorabilia from the town's (and the region's history),this folklore museum is one of the best places in the district for an insight into the harsh climate and agrarian origin of the Grisons.

Accommodation :
Duc de Rohan ****
Hotel Freieck ***
Hotel Chur ***
Hotel Drei Konige ***

Restaurants in Chur :
Name Cuisines
Duc de Rohan Swiss/German /Austrian
Hotel Stern Restaurant Swiss / German /Austrian
Thw Weinstube in the Hotel Drei Konige Swiss / German /Austrian
Zunfthaus Rabluta Continental
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