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Bern is the capital of Switzerland and of Bern canton and lies in the west of the country on the River Aare. It is the second most populous and second largest canton of the country. It comprises of three sections firstly, the Bernese Alps or Oberland with many resorts and peaks, secondly the Finsteraarhorn and Jungfrau with meadows and pastures in the valleys and finally the Mittelland [midlands] which lies in the fertile northern foothills of the Alps.

Fact File
Country : Switzerland
Population : 130,000
Languages : German, French, Italian & Romansch
Climate : The temperature depends primarily on the elevation, the zero line (0°C or 32°F) may raise as high as 4000 meters above sea level (13125 feet).
Fall is usually dry, but cool. The temperature drops significantly in September or October, with the zero line around 2000 meter above sea level (6560 feet).
Winter is supposed to be cold and dry. The temperature may drop below 0°C everywhere in Switzerland, especially at night. In the alps, there is usually a lot of snow.
Official Currency : Euro; 1 Euro = 52.443 Indian Rupee = 1.2047 US $ = 0.678141 GBP (subject to change)
Location : Bern lies in the midlands of the Canton of Bern, somewhat to the west of the center of Switzerland. The landscape around Bern was formed by glaciers in the last ice age. The two mountains closest to Bern are the Gurten with a height of 858 meters and the Bantiger with a height of 947 meters.

Getting There
BernAirport : Bern Belp Airport lies to the southeast of the city. It is at a 20 min to 30 min distance from the main city of Bern. Bus services are available to Bern station so one can easily travel from the airport to the railway station. The two nearest airports are the Zurich and the Geneva airports and passengers can take a flight to Bern from here.
Trains : Both intercity and intercontinental trains are available which offer efficient services to the travellers.
Road : Bern, being an important motorway intersection point, has direct connections with the European E4 network. Connection routes southwards include the car trains through the Loetschberg and the Great St. Bernhard and Gotthard road tunnels.

Getting Around
Local trains, buses and trams are the best ways to move around the city. But walking is the best way to move around in the city.

Bern has many hotels to provide a comfortable and cheerful vacations or stay for the tourists in the city. Here is a list of few of the hotels:
5 star hotels in the city:
Hotel Bellevue Palace
Hotel Schweizerhof
4 star hotels in the city:
Hotel Bern
Hotel Baren
Hotel Allegro
3 star hotels in the city:
Sorell hotel Ador
Sorell hotel Arabelle
Kreuz Swiss Q hotel

Major Tourist Atractions
BernBern Old Town : Bern’s beautiful old town confines six kilometres of covered arcades and eleven historic fountains. The Zeitglockenturm, a clock tower dating from 1530 is very impressive and worth seeing. Revolving figures herald the chiming hour.

The Bear Pits (Barengraben) : The brown bear has been linked with Bern for more than 500 years and it is the lucky piece and symbol of the city. Cross the Aare River and visit the city’s ancient bear pits or barengraben.

Museum of Fine Arts : Bern’s Museum of Fine Arts on Hodlerstrasse 8-12 houses the world’s largest collection of work by Paul Klee, a total of more than 2000 works. The museum also displays early Renaissance masterpieces as well as works of modern genius by Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso.

Bern Cathedral : Bern’s 15th century Gothic cathedral has the highest spire in Switzerland. Its tower provides fine views of the city and the Bernese Alps.

Bern Historical Museum : The Bernisches Historisches Museum on Helvetiaplatz houses Habsburg Church and treasures and tapestries captured from the Burgundian troops of Charles the Bold.

Gurten : Gurten hilltop provides spectacular views of the city and the surrounding Alps.

Einstein House : One can visit the Einstein House on Kramgasse 47 where the physicist developed his special theory of relativity in 1905 while working as a clerk in the patents office.

Other Attractions :

Shopping : Visit the open-air vegetable, fruit and flower market held every Tuesday and Saturday in Bundesplatz. There is also a craft market held on the first Saturday of the month in front of the cathedral. The Swiss Craft Centre on Kramgasse 61 has beautiful handmade wood-carvings, jewellery and Bernese pottery for sale. Toblerone chocolate is made in Bern, so try to buy some while you are here.
Bern Symphony Orchestra : Bern has an excellent symphony orchestra and is a great source of entertainment for people with love for music.
The Swiss Alpine Museum : The Swiss Alpine Museum on Helvetiaplatz 4 outlines the history of Alpine mountaineering and cartography and is proud of an exciting collection of relief maps.

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