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Macau is a fantastic city of China and is a great place of tourist interest. It is located on the southeastern coast of China and is a very small city that can be easily covered by walking. So one could walk to almost all of its sights and spots of tourist interest in one single day (the entire territory covering 7 sq mi/17 sq km). The city is marked by the hilly winding streets and the back alleys and possesses buildings with European-style architecture and plazas but has retained its oriental charm and simplicity.
The most famous landmark in the city is the Church of Sao Paulo (circa 1600). Its disheartening that most of the church was destroyed by fire in 1835 and what is seen today is just a part of the original structure. Further on, another set of stairs leads to the Citadel of Sao Paulo do Monte where one can still see the cannon that helped repel the Dutch invasion of 1622. The view of the city and countryside is fantastic from here.

Fact File
Country : China
Population : 445,286
Area : 25.4 km2
Languages : Chinese (Cantonese), Portuguese, English
Climate : The climate is moderate to hot, with an average annual temperature of just over 20°C (68°F) and a yearly mean variation between 16°C (50°F) and 25°C (77°F). The humidity is high with an average range between 75% and 90%. Rainfall is also high with the yearly total between 40 and 80 inches. The best season is autumn (October - December) when days are sunny and warm and the humidity is low.
Official Currency : Chinese Yuan(CY) ; 1 CY = 5.2633 Indian Rupee = 0.1203 US $ = 0.1001 Euro (subject to change).
MacauLocation : Macau is located on the southeastern coast of China, at latitude 22° 14' North and longitude 113° 35' East. The territory comprises a peninsula and two islands in the Pearl River delta of Guangdong Province.

Getting There
By Air : Macau International Airport is linked by scheduled air services to Bangkok, Beijing, Brussels, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, Kaohsiung, Kuala Lumpur, Lisbon, Pyongyang, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and other cities in China including Chongqing, Changsha, Dalian, Fuzhou, Hainan, Qingdao, Shenyang, Xi'AN, Xiamen, Yantai and Wenzhou. It is situated at a distance of 6 km from the city.

Getting Around
By Road : Air-conditioned bus or minibus are the most easily available and convenient way to see the city. Metered Taxis are another way to move around in the city. Three-wheeled pedicabs known as triciclos can be more expensive than the taxis, plus they're slow-moving and restricted to touring the waterfront.

The city has very good hotels to ensure a comfortable stay for the tourists. Mentioned below is a list of some of the hotels in the city:
5 star hotels in the city:
The Westin Resort
Hotels Kingsway
Hotel Fortuna
4 star hotels in the city:
Hotel Holiday Inn
Hotel Lisboa

Major Tourist attractions
Macau Largo do Senado Largo do Senado : Beautiful tiles in swirling waves cover the Largo do Senado (Senate Square), which provides the city's focal point and is the start of most people's exploration of Macau. From here one can see the colonial architecture displayed in buildings like the impressive Leal Senado, the Santa Casa da Misericordia, and finally Sao Domingos Church.

A-Ma Temple : The name Macau was taken from A-Ma-Gao (Bay of A-Ma) where this temple is located. Legend has it that A-Ma was a poor girl travelling to China, but was turned away by wealthy junk owners. Finally, a fisherman took her to Macau, withstanding a storm that sunk all the other junks. Later, she reappeared to the fisherman as a goddess and so he built here this temple. Situated on the southern tip of Macau, the temple has a friendly, relaxing environment.

Hac Sa Beach : Hac Sa meaning black sand, and the sand at this beach is indeed an intriguing deep grey colour. Longer than the Cheoc Van Beach, this beach is also Macau's most loved beach and provides various recreational facilities for the beach combers.

Sun Yat Sen Park : The park has been named after Sun Yat Sen, who was the founder of the Chinese Republic. It houses the aviary, greenhouse, Fung Shui forest, swimming pool, playground and sports fields which provide plenty of entertainment to the visitors. The park also houses a bronze sculpture named "Permanent Handshake", celebrating Sino-Portuguese friendship.

Other Attractions :
Guia Fort and Lighthouse
Museum of Macau
Sao Domingos Church
Macau Golf & Country Club

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