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Beijing literally means 'Northern Capital' and is the capital of the People's Republic of China and the capital of bureaucrats. The whole country runs on Beijing time and speaks the Beijing dialect reflecting upon the importance of the city and its impact on the entire nation. The city is the political and commercial centre of China from where the Chinese Communist Party rules over its enormous empire.
Today Beijing is a modern city with the usual high rising buildings and shopping malls but definitely retains its oriental touch. Beijing, the starting point to visit the great wall also houses the buildings based on Chinese architecture.

Fact File
Country : China
Population : 12.6 million
Area : 750 sq km
Languages : The official language is Mandarin
BeijingClimate : Extremely diverse, from tropical in the south to sub-arctic in the north. Beijing has a continental monsoon climate with clear-cut seasons. Spring is dry and windy. Summer is hot and humid. Autumn offers the best weather, with generous sunshine. In winter, the city is severely affected by freezing winds from Siberia.
Official Currency : Chinese Yuan(CY); 1 CY = 5.2633 Indian Rupee = 0.1203 US $ = 0.1001 Euro (subject to change).
Location : Beijing lies in the north-west of the North China plain, not far from the Western slopes of the mountains of Yanshan, and about 150km/93 miles from the Bohai Sea.

Getting There
By Air : Beijing Capital International Airport is one of China's major gateways. It is 26 km. (about 40 minutes' ride) from the city center.

Getting Around
By Road : An efficient bus service operates in the city to provide an excellent service to the passengers. Besides this, there other means of transportation namely hired cars and taxis which are readily available in the city.

The city has very good hotels to ensure a comfortable stay for the tourists. Mentioned below is a list of some of the best hotels in the city:

5 star hotels in the city:
Hotel Crowne Plaza
Hotel Tianhong Plaza
Celebrity International Grand Hotel
Hotel Yanshan
4 star hotels in the city:
Shangri La’s Kerry Centre
The Peninsula palace
Hotel New World Jing Guang
Hotel Crowne Plaza
3 star hotels in the city:
Hotel Fragrant Hill
The St. Regis Hotel

Major Tourist attractions
Century Lama Temple ChinaForbidden City : It is the best preserved group of ancient buildings in China where the old world of beautiful concubines and priapic emperors, eunuchs and conspicuous wealth still lingers around the lush gardens, lovely courtyards, pavilions and great halls of the palace.

Lama Temple : This largest temple of Beijing is an enlightening sight, decorated with great statuary, amazing frescoes, tapestries, matchless carpentry and a fearful pair of Chinese lions. Perhaps most notable of all is an 18m (60ft)high sandalwood statue of the Maitreya (future) Buddha in the Wanfu Pavilion, scooped out from a single tree.

Summer Palace : This empire of palace temples, gardens, pavilions, lakes and corridors was once a playground for the imperial court. The Summer Palace with its exquisite features - water, gardens and hills - was the palace of choice for vacationing emperors and Dowager Empresses.

Temple of Heaven Park : Known for its classic Ming, the name has now been used to brand products from tiger balm to plumbing fixtures, as well as decorating a plethora of tourist literature. The Temple of Heaven is situated in a 267-hectare (660-acre) park, with four gates at the cardinal points, and walls to the north and east. The park is an important meeting place where many city dwellers start the day with a spot of t'ai chi, dancing or game-playing in the park.

The Great Wall of China : The Great Wall has gone through a few restorations in its time. Originally erected 2000 years ago by the Qing dynasty, it was a 'No Trespassing' sign directed at neighbouring kingdoms during those days. For centuries after that it remained neglected and forgotten until 18th-century Europeans took steps to restore it.

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